An Introduction to Nano-Shield:

Nano-Shield is a product of Nanjing Hanxion Technology Company. It is well-suited for use on glass surfaces on automobiles and in buildings. It is also suitable for ceramic sanitary-ware. Nano-Shield is not only effective and long-lasting; it is also able, under different circumstances, to bring benefit and convenience to the user.





1. Nano-Shield for Glass

When the driver of a cruising vehicle is caught in a thunderstorm, the biggest danger is reduced visibility and the inability to react in time. In such situations, your windscreen wiper is of little use against the torrent of rainwater. The membrane created by the rainwater only serves to further hamper visibility because of disorderly refraction. A similarly dangerous situation is when an automobile crosses paths with a larger vehicle and gets water splashed on his vehicle windscreen. Should the impact be large, the splash will hamper visibility, and that moment of reduced visibility may risk the safety of the driver.

Now, with just a coating of Nano-Shield for Glass, many of such problems can be solved. Our unique technology allows the windscreen glass to be coated with an invisible protective layer that is about ten nanometers thick. This coating repels water and oil, and therefore increases the visual clarity of the driver of the car. Hindrances to visibility like water stains will be prevented from occurring.

Nano-Shield for Glass is a protective coating that is about ten nanometers thick. It attaches itself smugly to the glass and does not affect the visibility of the glass. Most importantly, it is durable with a lifespan of about one year.








6. 超强防紫外线功能您可以尽情地享受驾驶乐趣而不必过分担心紫外线给您和您的家人的皮肤带来的永久性的伤害。

7. 冬季停放在露天的车辆难以在玻璃表面形成的大面积薄冰,并可轻易去除。

Special Features of Nano-Shield for Glass:

1. In a thunderstorm, water stains that obstruct visibility will not be able to form. This enhances the effectiveness of the wind-screen wiper, improves the driver’s clarity of vision, as well as increases overall safety.
2. The extra-durable formula withstands well against normal car-washing and windscreen wiping. Durable for a year.
3. Dust, dirt, oil stains and flying insect stains will not stick to the glass surface. The glass surface will be easy to maintain, leaving it clean and shiny.
4. Repairs small scratches and cracks in the glass, enhances the clarity of the glass.
5. When the vehicle is traveling at more than 60km/h, the wind speed will cause the windscreen wipers to begin hovering over the glass instead of fully wiping the water away. Not only doesn’t it wipe well, the area it can wipe is limited. With Nano-Shield for Glass, water easily slides off the windscreen, allowing you to maintain visual clarity.
6. Extra-strong resistance to ultra-violet rays allows you to drive in peace because you know that your family members and you will be not negatively-affected.
7. During winter, the thin layer of ice that forms on your windscreen is easily removable because it does not stick to the glass.




2. Nano-Shield for Ceramics

Maintenance of ceramic sanitary-ware is a mind-wrecking affair. Taking the inner surface of toilet bowls as an example, we know that regular interaction with urine, feces and dirty water will leave a coating of residue that is difficult to remove. At a certain stage, scrubbing the surface with corrosive liquid is necessary, but this only causes further problems like an uneven surface that attracts even more dirt. Very soon, the interval between cleaning times becomes shorter as the toilet bowl becomes more susceptible to attracting dirt. This vicious cycle not only increases the amount of work necessary, but also reduces the shelf-life of the toilet bowl. In the end, with both excretive dirt and corrosive liquid eating into its inner surface, the next best solution presents itself - buy another toilet bowl.

This problem is easily solved by putting a coating of Nano-Shield on the inner surface of your toilet bowl. The surface is now transformed into a water-resistant, self-cleaning entity. Urinary and fecal waste cannot attach itself as easily now to the inner surface of your toilet bowl. Your toilet bowl can maintain itself without much hassle. You just need to use a cloth or brush to occasionally brush away the dirt, and your toilet bowl will continue to look and feel as good as new. Say goodbye to the unpleasant experience of spending so much energy cleaning away the grime, and reduce the cost of maintaining toilet bowl cleanliness. Our product is just as effective with all kinds of ceramic sanitary-ware (e.g. wash basins, bathtubs, bathroom tiles) in both the toilet and the kitchen.






Special Features of Nano-Shield for Ceramics

1. When applied to the inner surface of a toilet bowl, Nano-Shield for Ceramics prevents accumulation of urinary and fecal dirt This makes maintenance a much simpler affair.
2. Nano-Shield for Ceramics reduces the use of corrosive cleansing liquid and keeps the surface looking clean and new. It also lowers the cost of maintenance, increasing the shelf-life of the toilet bowl.
3. Nano-Shield for Ceramics will prevent all kinds of dirt and bacteria from forming on the surface of wash basins, bathtubs, and tiles, the end result being a cleaner environment.












How to use Nano-Shield for Glass:

1. Choose a day that is not windy, rainy or dusty. Find an outdoor place in the shade to place your vehicle.
2. Open the cap of the container A, and pour the contents into container B. Shake container B vigorously for about three minutes, then leave it to settle for about 1 hour.
3. Next, proceed to clean the car’s windscreen, using water to completely rid the glass of washing detergent.
4. After some shaking, open the cap of Activating Formula, and pour some of the liquid onto the cleaning cloth that comes with the kit. With the cleaning cloth, rub vigorously onto the windscreen, no less than 10 times on each spot. Continue moving with the cloth to cover every corner and crevice of the windscreen, adding the Activating Formula whenever necessary. You can also change the side of the cleaning cloth that you’re rubbing with.
5. Use your eyes to check that the water on the glass has bonded with the glass itself, as if sticking to the glass. (You know when the water no longer forms droplets but instead is like a flat film sprawled over the glass. This happens when the glass is squeaky-clean without any oil stains.) Use clean water to rinse away the Activating Formula. The glass is now in an active state, and it is important not to touch it with your hands. Let the water on the glass dry off on its own. Do not use hot air to speed up the drying process, because hot air will overheat the glass surface. Increasing the rubbing strength and time will cause cracks in the glass surface to go away and the glass to look as good as new. Note: this step is very important, so please do not mind the inconvenience.
6. Get another clean cloth provided with the kit, and fold it into a square shape. Pour the formula created in container B (created in step 2) onto the cloth and begin rubbing onto the glass. Using circular motions to move across the glass surface, and cover all areas. Be generous in your use of the Nano-Shield formula. Note: there is no need to rub too quickly, so try to maintain 30 seconds of rubbing per area covered. Do not hesitate to add more Nano-Shield Formula when the cleaning cloth becomes dry. Cover the same areas once over, until a semi-opaque wrinkled layer appears on the glass surface. Do not pour the Formula directly onto the glass surface. Do not be miserly with the number of times you rub, or the time spent on this step. It is fine to cover the area more than once. Each helping that you put on the cleaning cloth should approximate 10-20ml.
7. Wait for the glass surface to dry by itself. This should take more than 30 minutes. It is important now not to use water to clean the glass surface.
8. When the glass surface is dry, use the clean cloth provided with the cleaning kit to wipe off the layer that has formed.
9. You can now experience for yourself how Nano-Shield for Glass works. Splash water onto the windscreen, and notice that the glass has the special ability to repel water. When it is done right, a drop of water dropped onto a horizontal glass surface will have its sides stand vertical and at an angle of 90 degrees to the horizontal glass surface. When you tilt the glass slightly, you will notice how the water droplet naturally slides off, without a single water stain left behind.

Note: The procedure as described above should be followed in order. Do not try testing the effectiveness of the product without first completing all the necessary steps. This product is flammable. You should therefore take precautions to stay away from fire sources and ensure that oil stains on your hands do not contaminate the glass surface.







3. Nano-Shield for Textiles and Leather

Nano-Shield for Textiles is the latest technology offering a protective layer over textiles and leather, giving them a finishing that leaves them as good as new. Water and oil will not be seep into the material. At the same time, the material will not feel any different than before; it will continue to allow air to pass through, and feel as soft as before. Perspiration and moisture will just as easily pass through. Nano-Shield for Textiles and Leather is able to shield from both water and oil. Previous methods using oil to shield from water could not protect from oil-based pollutants; while those using water to shield from oil lay vulnerable to water-based pollutants.

Nano-Shield for Textiles and Leather works for leather shoes as well. Water or oil substances that fall onto the leather will only drip fluidly to the ground, like water off a lotus leaf.

Nano-Shield for Textiles and Leather can be sprayed onto most textile or leather products with a surface, and does not change their durability, susceptibility to creases, softness, or shine. (Note that surface must be cleaned before treatment, so that any oil, wax or paint covering the material is removed.) Textiles that have been treated with Nano-Shield for Textiles and Leather no longer have to be afraid of being infiltrated by juice, milk, soy sauce, wax, dirty water or oil. In other words, Nano-Shield for Textiles and Leather will keep your textiles cleaner for longer. Any such substances will just drip to the ground, like water dripping off a lotus leaf.

Use of Nano-Shield for Textiles and Leather is very simple. You just need to spray our formula onto the surface of the material, and once it seeps through between the fibrous molecules and bonds itself to the material fiber as on body, the material will begin to repel water and oil for 3 to 10 washings or even more.

Note: Extent of water-resistance will differ depending on the base material.

Nano-Shield is suitable for expensive formal wear, ties, silk, leather and suede. It is also suitable for the furnishings in the interior of your car. After the treatment, it is as if your clothes or shoes have an invisible protective layer. Not only is there protection against water and oil-based substances, there is also protection from UV rays, static electricity and loss of original color (for clothes.)







5, 对于不同的液体的防护效果由强到弱依次为:水>果汁、牛奶、咖啡、可乐>酱油、色拉油>墨汁、墨水

6, 不同于传统的液体蜡、硅油类、乳液类纺织品整理剂,不会使衣服变色、发硬,无需高温烘烤处理,室温下自然干燥即可。也可以加热处理,加速干燥速度。完全水性产品,不可燃,无有害VOC释放。

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Nano-Shield for Textiles and Leather

1. Effectively protects against substances that might dirty or leave stains on your textiles or leather.
2. Does not alter how soft your textile feels, its susceptibility to creases, or the ability for air to pass through. Clothes can be washed as normal.
3. Does not harm the clothes or the wearer. Is environmentally friendly. Is invisible to the naked eye. Water-soluble, and non-flammable. No strong odor, does not irritate the skin. Cannot be consumer orally.
4. Has a durability of 6-12 months. Clothes can last about 3 to 10 washings and should be thoroughly dried to maintain its durability. Materials made of chemical fibers cannot maintain durability for long if washed with water. Materials made of cotton or high cotton content will maintain durability even after many washings.
5. Extent of protection varies depending on the fluid substance that comes in contact with the textile. Protects better against water than juice, milk, coffee, and coca-cola. Protects better against coca-cola than soy sauce and salad dressing. Protects better against salad dressing than ink.
6. Different from traditional formulas made from wax, silicon or dairy bases. Does not alter the color or softness of material. Does not require high temperature settings for treatment; room temperature treatment and drying is all that is needed, although increasing the temperature will increase the drying rate. Completely water-soluble, not inflammable, VOC-free.



Usage Procedure: First, clean your textile using water to get rid of remnants of oil and dust. (Remember that newly-bought clothes will have remnants of oil particles, so you will have to wash it just the same using washing detergent.) Leave textile to dry. With the tip of the spray about 5-10 centimeters from the surface of the textile, spray evenly over it. Once the surface is wet, let it dry naturally. You can also use other means like a fan or hair-dryer to hasten the drying process. During winter, when the temperature is less than 15 degrees centigrade, heat-induced drying is necessary.

Usage Amount: normal clothing 50ml; thicker clothing 100ml. For enhanced effectiveness, use 2-4 times the recommended amount.

Note: This product does not contain poison, but should not be consumed. Do not spray it onto an open wound, nor let it come in contact with your eyes. Do not allow children to have access to this product. Do not place it together with cosmetic products.



Use within 6-12 months.
Contain the liquid in a dark place, and store at room temperature.





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